About | Create Protocol

Create Protocol is the engine that powers multiple DApps built on top of it, with the aim to liberate creators and their creations in every imaginable way.

Create Protocol is the first-ever decentralized multi-chain creator platform designed to give its users (creators and fans) the freedom to buy, sell, share, interact and manage their creations seamlessly without much hassle.

The Create Protocol ecosystem has everything that a creator can wish for. from a launchpad to an NFT marketplace that showcases their assets globally. From metaverse projects to the seamless extensions of the NFTs to these virtual universes. From a creator dashboard to a fan funding platform. All creator

The Create ecosystem is built to empower multiple decentralized apps on its layered blockchain. Several DApps have already been deployed including a multi chain NFT marketplace and a fan funding solution - all governed and powered by the create governance token ($CR8).

Structured upon a C2E that is Create to Earn Economy, the creators now have the means to get premium financial services based on their artwork. We aim to integrate your NFTs further with the metaverse and blockchain universe and introduce you to a new way of life.

The Create Community follows decentralized finance (Defi) principles, powered by its native governance token called CR8.

Create Protocol not just empowers an NFT marketplace but a whole ecosystem with the Creators at its forefront and its core.

Key Features

  • Volition:

The traditional organizations exempt the artists from getting the profits and revenue they deserve by usurping their profits and giving the creators a small amount of the earnings. Unlike this, Create is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that holds a single goal to provide the artists and creators the value they deserve for their artwork. We do so by giving the power in the hands of the artists to decide the % distribution of revenues earned using blockchain-based smart contracts.

  • Secure Network:

Create Protocol runs on blockchain technology which automatically forms it into a very secure platform making all the contract details tamper-proof, transparent, and securely accessible to everyone on the network.

  • Minimal Service Fees:

There are no hidden charges, and the service/operational fees are also

kept negligibly low compared to the service fees/commission fees charged over other platforms. And it can further be reduced if the person opts to make the transaction via CR8 tokens instead of some other means.

  • Complete Control of the Creation:

The Create platform enables the artist to decide the number of royalties they wish on keeping along with the distribution of the remaining part to fans, investors, and the community. APIs enable developers and partners to build interactive products through access to the content catalog in a fair way creating additional revenue streams for creators.

  • Financial Freedom:

With Create’s Defi solution, “Creator Defi” we aim to provide financial assistance and access to Defi products to the artists and creators based on their artwork and creations. Selling NFTs at an early stage can lead to the artist getting funding in return for the profits/royalties generated at a later stage. So, that the artists in need of money also get grants for crucial projects.

How does it work:

  • Every user will start with making an account in Create. Along with account creation, you will have to connect your wallet, and in case you don't have a wallet still, there is nothing to worry about as the team will completely guide you through the process. This wallet will store the ‘CR8’ coin purchased/ redeemed/ or transacted.
  • Then each user can list themselves as a content creator and generate their creator ID, get access to Create console, Defi services, and many more. Or you can even explore the marketplace and follow or buy the works of your favorite creator/artist.
  • Artists can make the terms for the contract of their artwork and upload their work on the marketplace to interact with their fans and earn cryptocurrencies from it.
  • Fans can further sell the artworks they bought, and a percentage of their profit would go to the artist as royalty, as predetermined in the smart contract.
  • With our Defi solution, “Creator Defi" we seek to solve the financial problem of the artists who face issues like lack of funds to build their artwork.
  • Every time the users use a CR8 token to pay the transaction fees instead of using other methods, they get rewarded with significantly lower transaction fees.

Mission -

Our mission is to provide structure to a decentralized economy that liberates the creators while giving them complete control over their assets.

The aim is to make this world a better place for creative minds, where they not only have the liberty to think and create freely but also have the means to earn through their creation.

Strategy -

The strategy is pretty simple - be the one stop decentralized solution for all the creator problems. Our developers have come up with the most definitive smart contracts out there that will help us navigate the competitive landscape. But to set us in a completely different league all together, we will be -

  • Providing features that add value to society as a whole
  • Offering interoperability through multi-chain bridges for all digital assets in the Create ecosystem.
  • Serving as a launchpad for unique creators while also giving them authority to control their own assets.
  • Facilitating lower gas/service fees while being secure and sustainable at the same time.
  • Continuously building strategic partnerships to stay ahead of the competitors.

Products/Decentralized Applications


Mercado.studio is a multi-chain NFT marketplace. It is a hub of high-quality art, talented artists, and art collectors. Any digital artwork in the form of audio, visual, or both can

be uploaded here.


Creator.defi is the DeFi solution at Create which will

provide artists opportunities to utilize financial assistance from the



Create Console is a blockchain-based unified analytical creator dashboard that can be used by every creator to manage their NFTs, upload their art, collaborate with other artists, manage their creations, set rules about the usage of their NFTs, and manage royalties - all at the same time.

Final Note

The people at Create aim to establish a one-of-a-kind platform that can help the creators by introducing them to the new era of blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide the products and services necessary to make the world a creator-oriented economy.