Eth Giveaway, Twitter Spaces, Insta Lives & more in a week long Ethereum Partnership Week at Console

Eth Giveaway, Twitter Spaces, Insta Lives & more in a week long Ethereum Partnership Week at Console

Hi fam,

It's a new year, the NFT Market Value is supposed to reach $231 Billion by 2030 according to a report by Verified Market Research, and therefore, we can't keep our calm about how much we are excited for a future of NFTs / Digital Collectibles, a revolution-in-the-making for Creators all across the world.  

Ethereum Blockchain has played a key role in our present and will hopefully continue to contribute to the growth of the blockchain tech and therefore NFTs.

So, next week, Creator Console is getting down to celebrate Ethereum with y'all across Instagram, Twitter, Discord and LinkedIN.  

A week dedicated to Ethereum, its contribution to web3 adoption, community centric approach, decentralisation, continuous innovation and much more.

With Twitter Spaces, Insta Lives, Eth Giveaways, Discussions, Community Building Exercises, and Shout Outs, we want to create more awareness about Ethereum and its indispensable role in Crypto and NFT space.

Here is the brief schedule:

  • 9th Jan: Giveaway Starts - Free ETH & No Gas Fee* for Top 10 NFT collections Launched on Console
    *Gas fee to be sponsored by Create Protocol
  • 10th Jan: Insta Live on 'All things Ethereum' with Abhishek Krishna at 7 PM IST
  • 11th Jan: Twitter Space on 'Ethereum Innovation and its Future' at 8 PM IST with Samrat Kishor, Shubham Raj and other Ethereum experts
  • 12th Jan: Insta Live with an Ethereum Expert at 7 PM IST
  • 13th Jan: Twitter Space on 'Ethereum, its core values and EIPs' with Creator Console Founders Abhishek Krishna, Vivek Kumar Singh and Create Protocol tech and product teams at 8 PM IST
  • 14th Jan: Giveaway ends and results are announced.

So, are you excited to grab some free Eth, celebrate Ethereum, and launch your new NFT Collection on Console?

Join us from 9th Jan onwards and let rest of it all be history in the making!

Watch out for more info, giveaways, and event details on our Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN and Discord channels.