Global Artist Community Gathers at Creator Console Gallery, Art Basel, Miami 2022

Global Artist Community Gathers at Creator Console Gallery, Art Basel, Miami 2022
Hypnotiq (right), an Artist at Creator Console Gallery, Art Basel, interacting with fans.

Art Basel, one of the biggest and greatest gatherings of artists all over the world, recently commemorated its historic 20th anniversary at Miami Beach, South Florida, marking two decades of expansion and influence in the world of art and artists.

The 2022 edition at Miami Beach, held from 1st to 3rd December 2022, was the biggest Art Basel thus far. And it featured around 282 prestigious galleries from 38 nations and territories, including 25 new galleries that attended for the first time. Several foreign exhibitors also returned to the event after a short break.

Creator Console Gallery, powered by Create Protocol, was among the few first time galleries at Art Basel this year, setup in the Wynwood Art District, Miami, in collaboration with Melo Azriel Benveniste, Creative Director at Blonde House Lifestyle Group.

The Gallery featured hundreds of artworks of 10+ amazing artists like Arian Lori Amini aka Hypnotiq, John Herbert Wright, Taylor ETTE, Cherida Patterson, Hassan Abdul Hakim aka Mr.Moda, Mekia Machine, Giovanni Preziuso, Marimosphere, M. Clark, Valeria Pase, etc.

Visits in the Limelight

Thousands of people visited our gallery during the event, among which some famous personalities like Michael Terpin, Waqar Zaka, Calvin NG and Joyce Chow also graced our gallery with their presence.

Michael Terpin, The Godfather of Blockchain

In an interview with our CEO Mr. Girish Ahirwar, Michael Terpin also known as the “Father of Blockchain”, CEO of Transform Ventures and OpenCarbon described his experience in Art Basel. He said, “It’s been a busy week, I live part of the time in Miami so I love the city. I’ve spent a lot of time in Miami, it’s the 20th year of Art Basel and I think I have been to 5 or 6 of them and I have certainly seen the scene grow every year from the NFT perspective. I went to some of the first NFT panels around Art Basel and I spoke on another one in 2019. There must be 100 of them now, so I've seen a lot of growth in the last 3 to 4 years.”

Ms. Joyce Chow (left), Mr. Hypnotiq (second from left), Mr. Michael Terpin (third from left) and Mr. Girish Ahirwar (right).

Calvin NG, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Mr. Calvin NG, President of Candy Club, and General Partner of Plutus VC was our speaker during the inauguration of the Gallery and he said that he had an interesting experience in the Creator Console Gallery. He also shed some light on the future of NFTs, he said, “Creators, artists and so on from the traditional art are moving into the digital NFT realm. This is definitely the future. The key is how do you mix the offline art with online digital space, and help them seamlessly integrate together? And this will be a continued iteration landscape in this space and if somebody finds the next Crypto Punks and the next Bored Apes. But what is coming for sure are individual pieces, collector's pieces in the digital space which is going to be another trend.”

Mr. Calvin NG (centre) in conversation with Mr. Girish Ahirwar (extreme left) and Mr. Maaz Memon (extreme right)

Creator Console, the NFT Toolkit for Global Artists

Creator Console was showcased and launched at the gallery in front of a roaring crowd of artists and people, raising brows and generating curiosity among the guests. Many people eagerly came forward to join our platform.

We also onboarded many artists during the event who are going to launch their NFT collection on Creator Console in the coming months.

Creator Console is a single-dashboard NFT Creation &  Management platform where you can easily create, and extend NFTs to multiple marketplaces, DApps, and Metaverses; while also analysing revenue, earning free tokens, and redeeming them for Creator Console premium services like marketing, and promotion of your NFT collection.

There was a lot of excitement among people for the new NFT player in the market i.e.,  Creator Console, and around 2000 people from all over the world registered on Console in only 2 days.

We also organised the biggest and most exciting Pool Party on Dec 4th, exclusively for the members of the Create Club at Art Basel 2022 to end the festivities with a loud bang.

Creator Console Artist Pitch where artists from all over the world pitched about their NFT project to be showcased on Console.

  • Exclusive VR live performance and 3D art gallery by VR Artist Tipoo and Visual Artist Marimosphere.
  • Creator Console product demo where our team explained all features and elements of our product.
  • A brief introduction of Hypnotiq Xperience and his NFT project.
  • A unique event by John Herbert Wright where he did live Nude Portrait Painting of his muse Mars Yorke followed by an auction of his paintings.
  • Crazy Hip Hop performances by Rapper Giovanni Preziuso
  • An ethereal experience of UV Glow in the Dark Neon Body live painting by ETTE Art with muse The Classy Alpha Transition.
  • Live performance by the muses.
  • An energetic Live DJ set

Launching Soon: Women Unite by Hypnotiq

Famous artist Arian Lori Amini also known as Hypnotiq is also launching his NFT collection “WOMEN UNITE” on Console.

Hypnotiq hails from Seattle’s tech industry who uses 3D printing and UV resin, alongside more traditional sculptural material, to create neon-bedaubed works that replicate popular media artefacts. Inspired by Mahsa Amini and several others like her, his work, ‘Women Unite’ represents years of struggle and protests by women of Iran through the past few decades for their lives and liberty. A series of 7 unique Phygital NFTs is being developed by HYPNOTIQ. His mother and aunt were tortured in front of him when he was a 5 year old. This has led to him dedicating his art to a message of love and women’s rights awareness.

Other Artists launching their NFT Collection on Console

John Herbert Wright

Painting from the tender age of eight. His work heavily relies upon dark figurations amongst an urban landscape leaving the viewer space to navigate the world he creates. He showcased his paintings in our Gallery, some of which got sold out. He is soon going to launch his first ever NFT on Console.

Mr. John in conversations with art connoisseurs at Creator Console Gallery, Art Basel, Miami

Taylor ETTE

The wonderful and talented ETTE was one of the artists who exhibited her mind-blowing work of art at Creator Console Gallery on 2nd and 3rd Dec at Art Basel Miami. ETTE Art will be launching her First NFT Collection with Creator Console soon.

One of ETTE's paintings at display at Creator Console Gallery, Art Basel, Miami.

Giovanni Preziuso

Giovanni Preziuso is a rapper and owner of a fitness club, Fierce Fitness. He showcased his musical skills at the Creator Console Gallery on the 2nd and 3rd of December. He will also be launching Music NFTs on Creator Console soon.

Mekia Machine

Mekia Machine is a Jamaica-born artist and her work ranges across painting, sound, music and performance. She also displayed her wonderfully crafted artworks in our gallery during the event and is soon going to launch her NFT collection on our platform.


Mari is a visual/crypto artist who also specialises in VR, XR, Projection Mapping and is a blockchain enthusiast. She showcased some of her most amazing VR live performance and 3D art during the event at the Creator Console Gallery. She is also going to launch her work as NFTs on Creator Console in the coming months.


Tipoo is also an amazing and wonderful VR Artist and NHK World Artist. She did some mind-blowing sequences at the Creator Console Gallery to the applause of the audience and would soon be launching her work as an NFT Collection on Creator Console.

One of the works of Tipoo at Creator Console Gallery.

M Clark  

Spellbinding everyone from her amazing work of art at the Creator Console Gallery in Miami, M Clark is a wonderful artist with a robust collection of artworks. She would also be launching her work as an NFT Collection in the coming months on Creator Console.

Final Note

Art Basel is a global event where people from all spheres of life come together to celebrate the different notions of art, creativity and life. Our gallery was a huge success in this 2-day event where all of our artists thrived and many of their paintings were sold. We look forward to attending many more such events where Create Protocol and Creator Console can empower many more such creators and artists from across the globe.