Tips to market your next NFT collection

Tips to market your next NFT collection

Hi Creators! Yes, you read that right.  In this blog, I am going to try and lay down some “pro-tips” and “giga-chad” ways to market your next NFT collection.

The NFT market is on a tearing rise for over a couple of years now, which is uplifting information for artists using this medium. The ability to mint new artwork and music makes approaching a ton of fans easy whilst still having the control of that creation with you, as the maker and craftsman.   This only shows that blockchain innovation has remarkable applications that go past digital money itself. That said, the recency of this fame leaves a hole when it comes to marketing something that never even existed before, right?

I think it's time that we give some upcoming NFT collections a well thought out platform to be discovered from. So without further ado let’s begin to answer the million-dollar question that every new NFT creator wants to know the answer to -

  • Create a social media presence

To sell anything on the internet, being social media savvy is an unquestionable requirement. Build a community through the accounts on applications like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and Medium. Find existing networks connected with the type of NFTs you plan to sell and tag along with them, it never backfires. Discord is by far, one of the most consistent stages for finding these networks of people. And I am not joking when I say that there are multiple servers existing exclusively that have people around to talk and share memes around the NFT space.

Instagram, however, is great for visual artists since you can post some quality pictures of an upcoming NFT drop. At any stage, you can traffic content naturally by connecting connections to your items, your site, and your other virtual entertainment pages when you partake locally by making posts and leaving remarks.

The NFT space is continually developing on social media, so some trial and error is kinda needed to find what will turn out to be the best for your NFT collection. The main thing, either way though, is to put yourself out there as much as you can and spread the word.

  • Having a website that leaves people awestruck

Regardless of what strategies you decide to showcase your NFTs, you ought to have an individual site that early birds get to before your collection starts getting some traction. Your site ought to look proficient, appealing, and easy to utilize. Fortunately, there are some automated platforms that permit you to construct incredible landing pages without information on programming. So you just gotta do what you do best - be creative.

Oh but simply having a site isn't sufficient though. Without improving it for web indexes, no one will find it organically. To save yourself the work of learning SEO, there are a lot of organizations you can recruit online to do it for you. Be that as it may, learning the nuts and bolts of SEO is extremely easy, and there are numerous useful aides on the web. Your call.

  • “Get famous hanging around with the famous”

Finding popularity as an NFT maker can be a bit tough all alone. Being around some NFT nerds and influencers who already have a presence are your first-class tickets to standing out rapidly.

Collaborative projects are exceptional for testing yourself artistically, while at the same time fabricating an association. A joint effort naturally achieves contacting at least two crowds of people without even trying.

You can also track down some bloggers, vloggers, or maybe just some crazy person who really appreciate work like yours is. In exchange you can offer them some free NFTs for them to flex on their social media - again, helping your collection. Pretty smart eh?

  • Write killer descriptions

You may be selling your craft as NFTs, however having a tasteful and imaginative lore around your work is also craftsmanship in itself. Loads of creators underrate the significance of a story that brings the items in a collection together. A story that can be anything you can probably put right next to your collection of NFTs and make the degenerates believe in the collection being more than just some pieces of art.

A decent discription is what most NFT traders might see way before they first see your entire collection of artwork. A buyer should be able to pull the trigger and kill himself with the gas fees he spends minting a bunch of NFTs just because of the description that you wrote with the collection.

Numerous marketing specialists make whole professions out of it but you needn't bother to hire an expert for this to be honest. I say that because it is you who made the collection so no one else knows it better. So, all you gotta do is stitch together a couple of tasty lines, and then watch the trades explode.

There you have it people, just four things you have to focus on doing better than the other creators out there trying to steal away your market and you should be good to go. Now, notice that I did not put much thought into the research part of launching a collection but I actually left it out on purpose because I got just the right surprise for you as a thankyou to reading the entire blog.

With so many different and new NFT marketplaces out there, It can be overwhelming to make the decision of launching your NFT collection right? Not to mention the multiple chains that now allow smart contracts, it’s not just Ethereum anymore people. Now there are other names like EGLD, SOL, TEZOS, BSC and more. Tough choice - as maybe choosing one or the other might limit your entire collection eh?

But, what if there was one tool that solved both of these problems for you as creators - all under one platform that not only lets you mint entire collections without worrying about the smart code of these different supporting blockchains but also giving you all the options you could want in order to list your collection on the major NFT marketplaces out there.

One dashboard that you simply login into and it takes over for you while you can worry about the four points mentioned above. Be sure to atleast try the amazing “Creator Console” for yourself once. One platform that solves all problems for the creators. Say hello to no code smart contracts, minting across NFT protocols, analytics insights to make you feel even more proud of your work after launch, and the best of the creator community all together in one place.

There is no limit to where that goes from there and you know it. So, get on the ship that is soon going to the moon - just like your next NFT collection.